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  • Summer 22



    In the Mood for whole, is showing nature heirloom. 

    This season is growing up the topics of durability & naturality. Lingerie is looking for a way to reach inclusive refinement & sensorial wellness through a laic holistic approach where a "naturist underwear" world can be created.

  • Winter 21


    market study

    In the "Re" Era, Repurpose takes you to a sensorial wellness where statement and diversity are integrated in design as a mass- mattering concept ...

  • Summer 20 lingerie trend

    "Biotechnica Super club" is our Spring Summer 2020 trends, that we worked on 6 month ago.


    This theme is showing a convergence of romanticism & tech, outdoor & elegance, botany & digital, desire of sustainability & empowering uniqueness...

  • Winter 19-20

    rtw trends

    As going back to essential , Purpose is breaking usual codes : gender & season. Neutral designs is the new manifesto, it helps to clarify the purpose. 

  • Summer 19

    rtw trend

    Entirely dedicated to prints & colors, Palette uses differents arty references in a sassy interpretation. Thus it creates a print ecosphere made of botanical series ...

  • Winter 18-19

    rtw trend

    In a casual Palette contemporary palette, going from all bares skin's tones to yellow khaki's, Bare minerals creates a modern neutral and intuitive emotional dressing for neutral gender style. 

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