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After attending Paris international lingerie fairs; Unique by Mode City/ Interfilliere, we noticed two hot topics : -A big move forward in Sportwear & Swimwear -The obligation to take in account new essential KPI of design : desirability & durability. For the next seasons, as a karma police, the trends's lingerie journey is clearly focusing on benevolence, willing to do better than beautiful and asking for how could it be inclusive of lingerie ?
"There is a strong need for fashion to go beyond beautiful, to do well with a purpose "
Camila Cordeiro

key concepts

For lingerie field, moving forward in the activewear should be a priority, if the sector wants to save the benefits from past atheilure trends. For instance, RTW already stepped in intimate sportwear when Lulu Lemon, the yoga wear brand, launched its running gear line and offered a real sportbra with lingerie sizing...
For SS 21, we are geting ready with an new study to explore 4 major axes :
1.Hollistic Aquaworld
2.Sexy & clean Couture
3.Tech X Cosmetic
Eurovet/ Interfilliere

Sexy & Clean couture

Brands are using innovative R&D of accessories and knitwear suppliers to shape neat and feminine lines, ready for a smart swim or for showing off at the best fitness club where a ceremonial outfil is requested. It also fits the development of resort wear while travelling or praticing staycation ! Often, in a mix of casual californian wear with the very chic parisian allure, sexy & clean couture illustrates the perfect modern paradoxe of sport culture: Active + Appear.

Noah Buscher





SKIN UP LAB with its Cryo technic was able to developped technical slimming fabrics that are designed for exercise. With the strong cooler skills, body burns energy by drawing in fat.

Another textile with phytomarine slimming assets is available. Indeed the millions of microcapsules fixed in the mesh of the fabric provides a phytomarin slimming treatment to effectively and sustainably remove cellulite.


COLOMBO LACE developped a range of lace enrichised with coconut oil for a moisturing encapsulated solution. In addition the range is offering a 7 colors natural dying options.

Diego PH

innovation for more inclusivity

steven-lelham-atSaEOeE8Nk-unsplash (1).j
It seems that intimate sportwear market has a lot of space to unfold and is both looking for global concepts like sustainability & hybridation and for niche & specifics opportunities thanks to textile innovation & inclusivity. The goal being to free its mind set beyond the usual performance diktats...
Lifestyle also takes up a prevailling space ! It defines itself according to the place you live in, the targetted goals... New habits are born, for instance "from gym to swim" or "Day to night goes to day to sweat"...
Sustainable is desirable and is looking for being fully integrated in the sourcing process and totally forgotten on the final product look.
Steven Lelham
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