Introduction 🇬🇧: Sustainable sourcing training with no go between

Introduction 🇬🇧: Sustainable sourcing training with no go between


➡️  WHAT ?


This method to "Sustainable sourcing training with no go between" is 100% digital and is designed on the subject of a simplified systemic approach. On the premice that there is no perfect sustainable sourcing the best way to be sustainable, according to the context, is to be ressource efficient. It had been developed with a double doorway approach based on intinct and logic. 


Created as a tool to make free will decision about your CSR sourcing strategies (Redistribution, Social, Environment), this training is organized in 3 levels according to the knowledge base. 


What is sustainable sourcing and where to start?

✅ Sourcing from KM 0 ➡️ Take it from the basics


How to deepen & to define a sustainable sourcing strategy?
✅ Sourcing action hero ➡️ Covers the subjects of sustainability, digital, supply chain


How to secure the upstream and to downstream side of the supply chain?
✅ Sourcing safe Bet ➡️ Deep learning for innovation enthusiasts (early adopters)

➡️ WHY?

Since it’s no easy matter for professionals to get their bearings in all this, nor for consumers to focus on what are best practices, here are a few ideas for helping in moving on to sourcing commitment and enhancing consumer trust. Because consumer's expectations shift from product to experience, putting more pressure on every development steps. So that creative teams, new bee designers, sourcing departments and merchandisers speak the same language, develop their textile expertise and move from the dream thought to concrete practice adapted to the brand environment.


To find out how to build your brand reputation : 


✅ Smart sustainable will become Smart normal

✅ Volume strategy will become value strategy

✅ Digital tools are becoming a long-term investment that brings agility and flexibility.

✅ Fashion communication now involves integrity 

✅  Sustainability should be a process and not a marketing label


➡️ WHO?


I am a consultant and woman with strong field experience in fashion and textiles,  from years spent abroad. I'm a fashion designer,  I have been working for 15 years and I set up my own brand when I was expatriated in Asia.


As an entrepreneur, I  became a cultural broker when I understood the importance of the systemic approach in sustainable fashion ! Research & trends coexist with fabric innovations which leads to product & manufacturing solutions. Taking care & guiding designers, existing brands, future dnvb, manufacturers & fairs organisator is my main & favorite job ! Thanks to my experiences on 4 continents, I am an expert at forging links!


➡️ HOW?


Thanks to a simple and organized approach in the form of an agenda:

✅ Discovering: What is sustainable sourcing?

✅ Learning: The basics | sustainable material solutions

✅ Improving your skills: R & D of sustainable sourcing


With adapted and reusable tools:

✅ 2-hours Mooc to watch as many times as you want

✅ Culture book template to create your sustainable sourcing specifications book

✅ Targeted reading list and podcast

✅ Concrete exercises and tools


Through a clear vision and agile objectives:

✅ Simplified systemic approach -> Transparency

✅ Transferable skills -> Disintermediation

✅ Pedagogy and collective intelligence -> Customer involvement 


The first module " Sourcing KM 0 " will be available at a price of 179 euros 

RELEASE 15TH Febuary 2021


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