what is a Cultural broker ?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Cultural broker is a neologism whose common usage describes a person who facilitates the border crossing of another person or group of people from one culture to another culture.

In this post, we are going to talk about our vision of trends, our method and how it could be linked to innovation and to design through a cultural perspective.

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At Entada textile we value the job of cultural broker both in the management and in the design thinking approach. We consider that fashion is an endless cultural turnover and that it adapts to trends, market, ressources and manufacturing possibilities. "An inspiring vision, could under the right conditions lead to a self-reinforcing culture of collaboration, instead of being mere empty symbolism" (1ref: INSEAD business school)

Thus, in our consulting we try to take in account all the cultural parameters from customers, sustainability and suppliers. It helps to set up a clear vision of the consulting missions we can help with, as sometimes less is more or flexibility in choice will bring the best. We think that helping the client to open his mind and to stand back matters in design or sourcing process, is one of the major topic we have to play a part.

As a consulting company our role is also to assist our customers and partners in building communities and network, being the bridge between brands and production facilities through trends analysis, R&D, fabrics sourcing, tech innovations and production facilities.

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Our experience abroad (4 continents and different sides of the industry : trends office, fabric manufacturer, factories, sourcing agency) makes us being able to link cultures and to mediate change when it's appropriate. Growing a huge cross-cultural network and experience, help us to anticipate countries specificities in design or to unearth local opportunities in sourcing. For instance, we are familiar with that in Asia, lunar calendar goes over western timeline and that in some countries, factories are owned by the gouvernement...

Trend wise, the same method is used by our team, multi sources of information, intuition of the new ecosystem of "phygital world", communication with sociological or business... As an example, when designing we consider the colours symbolic system or costume history, especially if the final market is abroad. We are also strongly following the start up, innovations and digital work being linked to the french tech Vietnam... We connect the dots to create synchronicity tools and contacts.

Design wise, we work on the formula : observation + intuition+ creativity + design thinking. They are the tools for design predictions and this is what we call the cultural broker job at Entada textile.

We believe that " the best way to predict the future is to create it " Abraham Lincoln.

Follow us to get into the cultural broker's skin !

1. Read more at https://knowledge.insead.edu/leadership-organisations/when-talking-the-talk-is-enough-to-change-culture-11091#2HR1R1BDQmStwdZP.99

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