We've all heard of this anglo-saxon tradition which takes place end of October, a way to celebrate tradition and too many times this is not really profitable to the planet.

So here our selection & inspirations which are taking a better care of Halloween !

Some fashion brands are expressing themselves about Halloween, that the case of the sustainable canadian brand Tonlé.

So, what if once for Halloween you were sustainably treating yourself ?



Re-used, transform, rent or buy second hand costumes and maybe ethically made make up or use what you already have. Make your own fake blood with natural ingredients for instance.

Biodegradability & locally made.

Buy locally produced pumkins and take the opportunity to do DIY biodagradable decor.

3. Quality time

Gather everyone and make batches of candies and treats to exchange and to share with your neighbours, or buy them at your local bakery !

4. Trick or treat

Don't give in to marketing if you're not related to this culture or tradition !


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