the tipping point of utopia in sustainable fashion

Back from this winter break, Entada Textile wishes you a happy new year 2022 that we dream of sparkling, responsible and prosperously sober ... A utopia?

"Utopia is nostalgia for the future"

Sandrine Roudaut, Les déliés

In design & sourcing strategies, system, measurement of the global footprint integrated into the results, concrete data, scientific facts find their way into utopia among the last skeptics. Utopia is becoming a strong signal for the trend to do good and less in responsible fashion! Between unmasked greenwashing, sustainable development objective, positive carbon product & innovative solutions, are we at the tipping point of utopia in sustainable fashion?

The place of utopia in model transitions?

Who are the utopians? The unconscious, the naive, the optimists who think differently and break the codes. Utopia authorizes a systemic approach, different visions and the shifting of the points of reference. Since 2020 & the heart of the Covid crisis, we have observed accelerations of change and ways of creating & working within the fashion sector.

Laws and working groups around climate and resilience projects (environmental labeling and country of origin for manufacturing) are sending strong signals. The creation of innovative solutions to serve circularity, second hand and rental model are low signals both in manufacturing and in consumption, which have tipped utopia towards corporate responsibility. Even if it remains difficult, prosperous degrowth is underway and a redirection of capitalist values ​​is beginning to be felt in textile production.

"It is easier to consider the end of the world than the end of capitalism."

Gregory Pouy, cultural analyst, digital marketing specialist & podcaster.

The state of emergency of the trend, reduce to seduce

For summer 2023's trends , which we presented at the last Interfilière Paris trade fair, in our theme Future choc we told a story of: zero tolerance for greenwashing, exercise of protopia (between utopia and distopia) and desirability for biosourcing . Reducing losses, waste and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions are no longer utopias but realities enshrined in sustainable sourcing. Thus in lingerie, by acting on design, sourcing, assembly, packaging and communication around these measures Chantelle One products or Scandale lingerie brand apply the principles of ecodesign and circularity to the letter.

Being involved or dieying

The reality of the finitude resources, even for virtuous'one, is knocking on the doors of the sourcing departments of large groups such as designer brands. The prices of freight or certain raw materials such as certified organic cotton have increased significantly. The contributory company is a model defended by the En mode Climat collective of which Entada Textile is a member, members contribute to proposals and / or improvements to the law submitted to governments and other organizations such as ADEME. Pooling open source sources, purchasing strategies & documents is no longer a utopia but a reality. Among the brands that advance responsible utopia and the contributory development model, we can quote Picture Organic, Maison Chanel, Kévin Germanier, Organic basic or Lolo Paris in lingerie.

As Julien Durant, co-founder of the Picture Organic brand explains at the microphone of the Basilic podcast: "In innovation it is important to think with the big guys and not think that they are our enemies, in the process of sustainable development we are all allies ... "

The brand which has just launched its rental offer, proposes in Europe a repair service for their products, invests in biosources alongside other brands (Adidas, Prana & Ten Tree, Rei for polybag) in order to reach leverage of major purchases and transfers. In addition, through their family of ambassadors Picture Organic also supports artistic and sports projects that promote communities, innovations, visions of free sport.

With the 19M project, La maison Chanel is working to safeguard the heritage that sedentarizes the manufacture of luxury. Chanel consolidates entire sectors in France and wherever the logic of production is embodied.

When good will is no longer enough

After reading the book l'Entreprise contributive by Céline Puff Ardchivili & Fabrice Bonnifet, I am convinced that the desirable future of fashion will be more sober or will not be! Innovation and business cases are no longer enough. In fashion market, trendy hunches & declarations of intent are no longer enough, intent must immediately be embodied in action. Analyzing low signals without operational advancements no longer serves the sustainability message. The development of sourcing and manufacturing solutions is circular and imprints of carbon impact calculations at multiple ranks and immediate time scales. What to start with ? To do otherwise is an iterative path, which over time changes the results.

> Analysis of the product design and the process of breaking up the value chain

> Reverse logistics, on-demand order management, material separation and recycling management

> The advantages of digital to tracability, having visibility & observing the added value of sustainable sourcing (carbon footprint, availability, price trends)

Train to change the story

Knowing and recommending labels is not enough, which is why at Entada we are committed to a Bcorp approach, by training ourselves to become B leaders. We will be available to act as Bleaders from April 2022! #Bthechange

We also offer our clients to understand the systemic approach of sustainable sourcing thanks to our 3 masterclasses and audits to provide operational solutions.

Collaborations to create inclusive solutions and experiences

At the next Interfilière Paris trade fair, I will have the pleasure of bringing together material and industrial sourcing professionals from the sector for a round table on circularity. A discussion with men and women who have implemented solutions for the textile industry, defend circular sourcing and fight greenwashing. At Entada Textile we believe in the key: internally developing ecodesign and operational management services for the circular, including legal, design, procurement and end of life.

Event Postpone to June 2022

If times are hard for dreamers, there is still time to change the scenario and understand that the raison d'être of a company is a common good of development & transition! Best wishes for utopia and responsibility, these two are making waves but get along if we slip sweet words to them!

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