Activewear : a journey to self-benevolance

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

2 weeks ago, we attended Paris international lingerie fairs; Unique by Mode City/ Interfilliere; in a frenetic summer atmosphere, we noticed two hot topics : a big move forward in Sportwear & Swimwear as well as the obligation to take in account new essential KPI of design : desirability & durability.

For the next seasons, as a karma police the trends's lingerie journey is clearly focusing on benevolence, willing to do better than beautiful and asking for how could it be inclusive of lingerie ?

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RTW already stepped in when Lulu Lemon, the yoga wear brand, launched its running gear line and offered a real sportbra with lingerie sizing... For lingerie sector, moving forward is an emergency if the sector wants to save the benefits from past atheilure trends.

To go further, find here some hint for SS21 about trends, fabric suppliers or brands to follow :

Trends :

For SS 21, we are exploring 4 major axes :

1. Holistic & Aquaworld:

After the succes of yoga & barre shape, stand up paddle (SUP) & aquabiking, those two universes are merging in a world where the holistic practice is going further. Yoga & meditation on SUP, Soul yoga, aqua zumba....

On the other hand, aqua sport equipement is a huge field to be grown larger, it shows that thet there is space for outfits made to be worn outside in a complementary wardrobe as the beautiful Cardo Paris brand is illustrating.

2. Sexy & clean Couture:

During the latest couture fashion week, we observed an enthousiasm for chic sportwear inspiration (DIOR, JACQUEMUS...) This category is using innovative R&D of accessories and knitwear suppliers to shape neat and feminine lines ready to smart swim or to attend the best fitness club where a ceremonial outfil is requested.

3. Tech X Cosmetic:

In the goal of renewing Glam tech and in the interest of more benevolence, some "Tech care" wave is starting to become visible. Brands are ready to use technology to better serve design.

Sport and cosmetics are being so linked, that some beauty labels are aslo attracted by creating a fashion line to go along with their brand development... For instance Glossier and its teaser on instagram on July 17th.

Thanks to yarn innovation & to the blooming relashionship with inner beauty (glow), an opportunity for creation of a very specifics and accurate fabrics library is quite mainstream in the supplier offer, a lot of care, sustainable and e.textile to come for next seasons.

4. Inclusivity:

Through different kind of faces & shapes, brands are taking care of a better diversity inclusivity. Going from no gender to skin color or post surigical solutions, they are designing adapted collections to fit to the body acceptance move and 1 brand fits all items are available on the market.

All those changes are also escorting by the success of new icons like Issa Rae and her #bodygoals she is the main characters of a famous inclusive Tv Shows from USA.

Brands to follow: Cardo Paris, lulu lemon, Studio Mara Reis, Ysabel Mora, Glossier, Nike, Club Parfaite, My sport london...

In conslusion, no matter that you live in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Rio or Paris, get ready, get sweaty, get healthy with the new life style that lingerie will offer through innovation and specifics products.

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Cover picture by Edgar Berg for the book project "The Space Between Us", a complex portrait series featuring the essential bond between humans and nature.

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