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As a contribution to the first french media dedicated to sustainable fashion & lifestyle The good goods : We prepared a selection of the most sustainable and trendy sport & activewear available now ! To read this post in french click here !

79% of French people are practicing sports at least once a week! We all know that being sporty is a good lead to wellbeing and the best health ally. So if we also want some benefits for the earth, let's a have a look to the brands that are involved in thoughtful and responsible designs, that are creating with sustainable materials and that are supporting communities and NGO's throught their redistribution programs !



For the past decade, this french brand is one of the best examples of sustainability in sportswear and outdoor (skiing, surfing, diving, skateboard, accessories ...). Combining performance, innovation and style in an ethical design, 100% of fabrics are certified organic, biobased or biodegradable. Picture focuses on technical innovations and thanks to the #zeropetrolproject, the use of petrol and plastic, previously unavoidable in certain materials such as neoprene, is steadily reducing. In a strong will of transparency, there is a full signage system on the website, exposing the strengths, issues and difficulties concerning sourcing. Their manufacturers are audited by the Fair Wear Foundation an independent NGO that works to improve good social practices and to respect labor laws in factories. Packaging, transportations and redistribution are also at the heart of their vision, as for example with the creation of the "Picture for good" platform which finances projects with sustainability main players (Surf rider foundation Europe, WWF .. .)


This eco-designed and fair trade american lingerie brand chills the yogawear: bra, leggings and hoodies. The range is voluntarily reduced, materials come from recycled plastic bottles or from reused stocks to strenghen their zero waste program. Prints (digital and sublimation) use less energy and water than other methods or dyes. Committed to inclusivity, the brand particularly supports women, through the collaboration with factories that produce their collections and through the program Underwear for hope that helps women working for packagings in poor neighborhoods in Colombia.


Surfwear and active wear (leggings, swimwear, hats and hoodies ...) German brand founded by the kitesurf champion Jocelyn Kotulla, who after losing the top of her swimsuit kiting in Brazil, had the idea to design a swimsuit whose support is equivalent to a sport bra (true!). Everything is made in Hamburg from sustainable raw materials, certified organic cotton for hoodies or recycling fabrics from the old fishing nets for jerseys and leggings. Promoting quality and #slowfashion, products are life time guaranteed and production is made on demand, so there is no stock or overproduction. Also, there is no plastic packaging and your purchases can be delivered by bike, for the nearest people...


Swiss brand dedicated to urban cycling, Super Vision offers a great streetwear alternative to cycling lovers. Made in Vietnam in a modern BLUESIGN® and Fair Wear audited factory, fabrics are all organic (GOTS) or recycled (GRS) and carefully selected for their technical assets. Its urban and no gender style, gathered with a great sense of detail (reflective stripes, breathable materials ..) give to this brand a place in the world of cycling seeking for contemporary, resistant and functional looks!

Thanks to new offers of innovative biosourced or recycled materials, brands go further in development of their products and can focus on the topics of transparency, manufacturing and distribution.

So ready to set a routine ?


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