OIKONOMIA, a common history of circularity

Updated: Nov 3

At Entada Textile we are defending the idea that we all responsible for what we have in common in the industry and we are happy to share some #sustainablesourcing strategy. But first a secret, #sustainability is an ancient #businessmodel ! That's some of the ideas we shared at the latest Eurosima Surf Summit event.

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Oikonomia, Economy + Resource management.

This Greek word means Economy + Resource management. Then, that both our economy and ecology count, any performance, even individual, requires teamwork and #interdependance understanding, they are the guarantors of the common home. By the way, the writing of this conference was possible thanks to years of research and inspired by " Pave the way" the latest book of Emmanuel Faber.

The climate-economic challenge is intra-sector, universal, individual and systemic. One of the democratic and available solutions of our industry is circularity, it accompanies the management of our common home: Planet Earth and Mother Ocean (Reference to Nelly Pons)

It is through the notion of #circularity that together we will define this #ecosystem by its evolving legal framework, its limits and its solutions in order to define a more sober #IBM (impact business model). Circularity is one of the responses to be taken into account in a #sobriety usage system if we want it to work we must understand the interdependence and opportunities.

15 kilograms of textile waste is generated per person every year in Europe. The largest sourcetextile waste is discarded clothes and home textiles from consumers— accounting for around 85 percent of the total waste.
Mac Kinsey & company, Scaling textile recycling in Europe—turning waste into value report 2022

So what make this possible ?

  • Leadership qualities

Which through a methodology can achieve these objectives! Indeed impact climate change textile industry transformation is a matter of everyone. CSR is no longer reserved for a few companies or part of the employees. Responsibility and excitement must be shared therefore mobilize everyone!

"60% of fashion executives have already invested or plan to invest by 2024 in closed-loop recycling."
Source BOF
  • Performance redefined

In our subject of #textilesourcing , to operate on a large scale, usage must be differentiated from pure growth economy. Volume should no longer be the value of economic production! Performance should be redefined with sobriety and, when possible, proximity Kpi's to manage footprint to a more transparent rank tree stage. Circularity is the chance to scale up the economy of resources and to go beyond the limit of the sector.

  • Systemic growth management

In fact, imagine a textile solution that would be a large-scale lever & that would allow textile production where price would not be the first performance indicator of a product? In our textile businesses, there is an interdependence of sourcing, #ecoconception , purchasing, production, distribution and end-of-life management systems.

Who is already in the loop ?

The European institutions which on June 21, 2022 this year at Berlin, have created the first truly transnational alliance of European councils and institutions for fashion. It has been founded by 25 fashion organizations (Camera de la moda italiana, fédération française du pret à porter, Copenhagen fashion week, fashion task force...) aiming to scale up a thriving, sustainable and inclusive European ecosystem.

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Some brands such as #Picture, #Owbow #ecoscandalelingerie #chantelle joining now by luxury as the latest #Chanel annoncement with l'Atelier des matière, #LVMH and Nona Source #deadstock management platform. But also retailers like #decathlon , #gosport and some long term repairing initiatives with #patagonia, #eastpack or just release #bottegaVeneta which offer a lifelasting reparation such as #hermes is already praticing.

Fabric remakers as we like to call them, the new coton project, Spinnova™, Renaissance textile or all the wool supplier in Prato in Italy.

What changes the performance of a system?

Longevity, proximity, durability and sharing. That what Eurosima's audience answered. If circularity and the stakes may seem to be almost unknown to the business x sustainability equation, it is time to make way for the meeting of the imagination and the common circular base. Change is a community sport begins with a story of leadership, #impact and sobriety Circularity drove with those values will be key to press the sobriety reset button.

Gathering all an ecosytem at Entada Textile we work with Viji K3, Ucybom and Lizee to bring the best #circularsystem for our customers.

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