L.A.H Paris, Inclusive Jewelry Engraved with Poetry

In my latest edito for The Good Goods, I painted a portrait of the designer behind LAH Paris, jewelry.


L.A.H Paris, for Louisiana, Arsène and Hélène, manufactures silver-gilt jewelry in France. Each pieces are an harmonious balance between the finesse of style, the fullness of material and a curved design. It was founded in early 2020 by Hélène, jewelry designer for famous maison (Vivienne Westwood and YSL) and Juliette, communication dept's fairy, who both consider the jewel as a link to humanity. It restores the aura of the one who wears it.


At L.A.H., you will find rings, earrings and pendants with evocative names. Magnet, Roundness, Embrace, are invitations to snuggle up against our sweetheart's neck. Hélène describes her creations as "round, feminine and anchored in time", as in the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth whom she loves so much. Inspired by organic shapes and Art Deco period, Hélène signs a first collection with a very personal and confidential style. She takes care to create weel- rounded piece with breathing space and links like in the logo she drew by hand.

"I like poetry. In my drawings, I like to place engravings and hidden words."

L.A.H. designs are both opulent looking and light because the metal is carefully hollowed out. A trick that makes them comfortable to wear and does not detract from their sensuality. "Enlacer" earrings are composed of a hoop and a nail in the shape of a sculpted flower, they can be worn in two ways. My favorite goes to "La rondeur" & to "Entouré" ring whose natural shape delicately comes to rest on the finger. The rings are flattened inside, adding comfort to. The loops have been worked to facilitate their hanging.

"Jewelry should be a companion: in everyday life and in the most precious moments."


The choice of silver-gilt (silver plated with 18 carat gold) is conscientious: it allows us to offer high-end jewelry with hypoallergenic properties and at a lower price. The designers entrust their collection to a craftsman and maker who produces the pieces in small quantities. The jewelry is traceable. The materials are of French and German's origin, the silver which serves as the basis for vermeil is recycled and certified RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) and the gold is certified COC (Chain Of Custody). If this is a very laudable start for a young jewelry brand, they are however labels subject to controversy, because they come under private structures, conflicts of interest might exist. We had the chance to freely discuss it with Hélène and Juliette who are in constant search of solutions to do well. We will explain the complexity of labeling in jewelry very soon, in a series of infographics. L.A.H. has chosen an initial certification concerning the origin of the materials and wishes in the near future to label all the workshops and the brand itself.

L'amour necklace, La rondeur earring

The priority is to develop a long-lasting piece of jewelry, whose meaning and style never go out of fashion. It must also employ French specialist craftsmen.

With L.A.H. Paris, we are in "the jewel of the real", quality of the materials allows a natural patina which will make them more unique, they just ask to live stories. Non-binary, the pieces have no gender they are humankind as evoked by the choice of ambassadors for photo shoot of the initial collection: Lara Laquiz dancer, Nathalie the sublime neighbor who knows how to smile with her eyes and Romain Costa the militant and multi-talented architect.

"The advertising was designed as portraits to avoid fashion stereotypes and to embody jewelry in a more inclusive way."

The production is rationed, thought out and without waste. To go further, the founders would like to open the sale to small meetings and why not to pre-order. Case to follow on the L.A.H. Paris.

The good goods team, we "almost" kiss you, we "soon" will embrace you and we'll never be tired of surrounding you with our favorite brands!

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