Homeleisure confort life or deep consumer trend ?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

For few month now, Covid19 worlwide situation caused an unprecedent context of people staying and working at home. Most of the shopping habits got reappraised and step by step everyone went to new daily habits. Therefore, unexpected trends arose through this situation: Home-ification as redesigning spaces to fit the reallity of our interiors becoming the main place to adapt all type of activities (working|teaching|training|entertaining) & to inhabit the world to come. And Home-leisure as redefining an indoor wardrobe to fit those activities and not staying dressed in Pj all day. We felt that this period also revealed the cultural sentiment of sharing DIY & leisure at home by bluring the boundaries indoor|outdoor or real|digital interaction. Thus product wise a balance has been found with homeleisure outfits.

Remote work in France concerned 41% of work force during confinement and 76% of of them wish to extend this pratcice from now on. Source ODOXA France Mars 2020

In USA, 58% of people who are working from home, have returned to work. Source Ispos USA

Left : home coat from Offhours

Let's see how trough a digital emotional contagion, homeleisure consumer trends was created ?

While macro trends calendar for AW 21-22 is wraped for few month now, the Covid 19's wave came to shake up predictions and brought some new reflexion and habits.

Indeed, remote work tremendously expanded around the planet and lougewear purchases rose, as it were becoming the normal wear ! As a prospectivist level, we noticed that after few weeks of wearing usual casual outfits, people started to seek for more smart, elegant but still confortable clothes as new "stay at home" work overalls. Some brands really understood the leverage of remote work and digital consumption, so to spice up daily life home work situations, like vision conference, they offered hybrid pieces which gather simplicity, cosiness and a twist of fashion. Only beeing able to meet up, work and entertained online, we also remarked that digital & distance's shopping often lead to safe choices of essentials and elevated basics.

Among the big topics during the confinement, we've heard a lot about " Frugal innovation" as a fact that simplicity matters and that coming back to home made practice will lead to new market.

" Frugal Innovation made popular by Navi Radjou since 2015 is a new way to innovate by being flexible and learning how to fix things in an simple way. Frugal innovation is the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and its production, for instance by removing nonessential features"

Cecile Poignant

Remote work is a trend to last according to WGSN for a new category of consummers, named "The Settlers". For The Settlers, this new work cycle (fewer work hours + more time at home = better workforce productivity and more consumer spending) will be fundamentally better all round – for people, the planet and profits. source WGSN 2022 consummers

Marc Beaugé , fashion journalist at The Society and l'Etiquette was interviewed about Sobriety or extravagance. How do you dress after crises? Said " That we always differently dress after a crisis...(Dior's new look silhouette after WW2, flats heals after 09|11, The recessionista dress after 2008's financial crisis)... we observe over a short period a search for comfort, the softening of the lines and the garment, it becomes more flexible and more tolerant to the crisis and in relation to comfort the body does not undergo and the garment accompanies the body because physical confort is reflecting mental confort."



This chinese brand describes itself as "an inactive-wear for being indoors" and came with an indoor coat collection which is matching the social trend of "the do-it-all do-nothing uniform". As a monoproduct, one size and gender fluid brand, the homecoat is a really agile product choice and so far they were sold out in few days. Mostly made in cotton it makes a very soft and rassuring coccon to dive into, wishing them to develop some organic cotton items in the next collections.


This british hand-drawn design organic cotton pyjama is very delicate and made in india in a superfine fabric. Very customer oriented, LY designs have horizontal buttonholes, deep pockets and hidden messages. I have a crush on this light weight blanket made of 75 % recycled cotton.

Yawn's accessories & blanket.


Founded in 2012 in France, Baserange is a line of modern & neat lingerie and loungewear basics. Made from both natural fibers and recycled content, the latest product released shown some easy to fit in and dress up pieces that you can combined together.

Base range


New york based, this brand is willing to reinvent lougewear through a proposition of elegant and elevated basics such as sheer and elegant robes, silk day wear sets for both men and women. Mostly inspired by high hand fabrics, a slight asian culture and contemporary art we can touch the sens of praise that Homeism is bringing in home as a precious sanctuary. "We believe style and taste can apply to every part of one’s life, especially when at home, alone or with loved ones."


In conclusion, as we can't predict the future, if only that we will be wearing mask for a while, we see that in a short time aligned product with consomption. In addition, this trend is a perfect match with what we already have in our closets and can help to reassert the worth of what we already own. Last question would this trend will cross the door to go outside ?


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