Fair Wear Foundation, what does this organization guarantee for our clothes?

While we start today #fashionrevolutionweek from April 19 to 25 and that the European Union is taking a stand against the violation of human rights in China [1], Florence Bacin, of the Fair Wear Foundation International, talks to us about fair trade, the role of the Fair Wear Foundation and tries to open the debate on the scandals of the textile industry, while providing references that should allow you to see more clearly.

Florence Bacin is a founding member of Fashion Revolution Vietnam and an employee of the Fair Wear Foundation / Fair Wear Foundation , committed to defending the working conditions of textile workers around the world.

What is the Fair Wear Foundation ?

Fair Wear Foundation is an independent, third-party verification organization, specializing in monitoring and in teaching good practices in labor law. It's not a label neither a certifying body. It is a multi-stakeholder initiative, involving NGO, fashion brands, trade unions and factories.

What are the conditions to receive support from Fair Wear?

Each brand is a signatory of "The Brand Performance Checks" committing them to verify that the standards of the international labor organization are applied throughout their production chain: working conditions, access to the union, sexual harassement, legal age of employment. employability, overtime pay, discrimination and wage balancing |living wage.

These brands are subject to audits in which they themselves commit to improve. Fair Wear is a progress tool that helps brands implement improvements in production pratices, in line with the recommendations of the OECD and the United Nations.

Who are Fair wear foundation' members ?

Picture Organic, Filipa K, Acné Studio, King of indigo… More than 80 companies representing 137 brands!

More infos in the vidéo below:

Who is the Fair Wear Foundation funded by?

By the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the annual subscription paid by the brands.

An example of concrete Fair Wear actions on the ground for textile workers?

  • In Asia, an anonymous complaint system is available to employees in all audited factories, where a poster indicates the toll-free number to report abuse.

  • In Bangladesh, the “Gender Platform” network, which is working to enact a law on the prevention of harassment in the workplace;

  • In Vietnam, improvement of the administrative conditions of contracts;

  • In China, legitimization rectification of unpaid overtime;

  • In Myanmar the possible blame towards the repression of unionized employees.

Or pilot projects on the transparency of production costs to calculate a fair price etc.

Thank you to The good goods and Florence Bacin from Fairwear foundation for helping us in better understanding what is Fair wear. Obviously, there is a lot more to know about the hard work their international team is doing to protect workers. If you are a brand and want to become a member go to check conditions ➡️ here

Stay connected, more is coming to The good goods.


References and sources are available on the goodgoods.fr and our Instagram account.

The black book of fashion, by Audrey Millet

A good book, Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas

Podcast On ward Fashion: Made in Bangladesh, what does it mean in 2020?

Longyi revolution, Burmese women activists oppose totalitarianism

Ref 1 : Dans l’industrie textile, environ 80% des ouvriers sont des femmes. Selon ILO ( International Labor organisation)

Ref 2 : L’union européenne sanctionne Pekin sur les Ouighours

Ref 3 : Payup campain by support garment workers ou Clean clothes campaign

Ref 4:Podcast Le Monde, le peuple contre l’armée. Envoyé spécial Bruno Philip

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