equity vs women day !

8th of march is international women's right day celebration, symbol of the fight started in 1908 in NYC by women who were asking for bread and then repeated in 2010 by "the suffragettes " who fought for the right to vote.

Fashion being a huge industry, I'd like to give a rise to some facts and inspirations. Starting by a definition of equity vs equality...


Two thirds of the global garment workforce are female, and many of these women are subject to discrimination. For example, in Pakistan only 13% of female workers are paid the minimum wage, compared with 73% of men. Fashion brands need to make sure and demonstrate that they respect the universal human rights of direct and indirect employees. This includes ensuring equal partnerships among players along the value chain. (Source Global fashion agenda 2019)

I believe that, as education, gender equity in business is everyone's business and feminism is a voice not a sex. Here a very nice article from Insead business school blog which is detailing how " improving gender balance is a central part of mainstream course".

As official UN 2019's theme says "Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change".

Enjoy your day and future is equity !

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