Corona resilience tips

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

My wishing list of solidarity gesture for a Corona resilience mood is published today on the leading sustainable fashion & lifestile online media in France THE GOOD GOODS. I'm very happy to share them with you too !

Read in french here


I will start this post by sharing this quote of Edgar Morin which perfectly sticks to disconcerting news : "By sacrificing essentials for emergency, we ends up forgetting urgency of essential".

I am a fashion designer, a journalist and a freelancer, which means I will carry on working during the quarantine, of course in a more flexible rhythm because the projects shifted or postponed. And as creativity can be very surprising and effective in constraints, I'm using my #culturalbroker talents to share the list of resilient's initiatives that have positively struck and affected me in recent days: the list of #Coronaresilience !

Whether among the industry, artistic institutions, personal initiatives, designers, musicians or media, resilience is felt ! Below I gathered what could make us thinking or putting life into perspective in the joy of present moment ! And above all, put the essential at the heart of the emergency debate!


Les tissages Charlieu,

This French weaving company for fashion and furniture, mainly specialised in GOTS cotton jacquards, is created in 1967 near Roanne in France. This company is certified Origine France Garantie and actively participates in saving "the made in France" productions by developing the France Terre Textile label. Therefore, since Saturday March 14th, their looms have been twisted and made available to the french health authorities in order to manufacture #covid19 protective masks in their fabric. Involvement isn't it ?

"We immediatly came up with an idea to manufacture protective masks in our weaving factory. We therefore make our entire production tool available ... The first prototypes of washable masks came out ths morning and will be in the hands of Directorate General of Armaments this afternoon for qualification. As soon as we are qualified, we will put all of our production tools at the service of mask manufacturing. (capacity from 30,000 to 50,000 units / day). " Monday March 16, 2020 from their CM .


Last weekend Pénélope Bagieu, the superb illustrator and author of "Les Culottés", shared the initiative of #coronahouse on instagram. An empty house template, designed by another comic strip author Timothy Hannem alias Acufpotim. This template is available on social media or to be printed at home and to be quietly filled with children! We furnish it with decor, animals, food, windows, people etc ... to create the ideal place to be confined! In color or black and white, then post your drawings on Tim's facebook, everyone can participate! You can make 1, 10, 1000 and assemble them at the end to create the ideal quarantine house! Such a civic "pensture"!

To stay inside without borders, take a membership to the Corona Drawing club !

Indeed, a team of Canadian designers has just launched the Corona_drawing_club instagram account! Brainwave ! Anyone can send drawings of their interior during confinement! One drawing a day is published. Only watchword: "Design your interior during the pandemic & slow down."


Fashion designer on the sly ....

Catimini (on the sly)

Catimini kids brand and french edition of Milk magazine have imagined the "designer budding genius" contest from March 9 to 26, 2020. Easy Peasy! You connect to the platform, which appears at the end of the video and you choose the color, the patterns and customization of the dress! Then validate the creation to participate in the contest! The winner will see his|her dress available on the e-shop and will receive a gift voucher of 150 euros! Create & feel good !


The website is dedicated to kids and is filled with original ideas to keep our litlle nipper busy, kids who during confinement will shout "Mom" out about 2347 times a day! So, we take out the boredom box full of labels to print. My favorites are "imagine a joke" or "draw faces on my fingers to create a show"!

And if that's not enough let's use the fatal weapon! The tales and stories podcast that we don't need to read for them! Elodie Fondacci devotes herself and reads them for us on the usual podcast platforms.


The Grand-Mercredi is a website 100% aimed at today's grandparents and uses digital culture to transmit ideas and to answer to all categories of questions! Around the Corona Virus: "Why can we no longer hug during confinement?" Or "Why we will see less gran ma & gran pa ?" It also offers tips for school at home and activities to replace it ! A big thank you to them on behalf of #exhaustedparents



Opéra de Paris, in partnership with Culturebox, the frencg TV group's platform dedicated to culture, has given free access to several shows from their archives. "We want to keep this link with the public despite this more than complicated time" says Martin Coulon, PR of Paris Opera. Every week a new ballet is available, so ask for the program!

From 17 to 22/03: Manon

From 23 to 29/03: Don Giovanni (2019)

From 30 to 05/04: Swan Lake (2019)

From 06 to 12/04: The Barber of Seville (2014)

From 13 to 19/04: Robbins evening (2018)

From 20 to 26/04: The Tales of Hoffmann (2016)

From 27 to 03/05: Carmen (2017)

* A nod to the fashion photographer Julien Vallon for his short film



Laurent Garnier, The French DJ who also sees his dates canceled and clubs closing, has put online a 7-hour DJ set. This set recorded at the famous CONTACT club in Tokyo in Japan in November 2019, is available on its soundcloud. "In this very difficult time, I wholeheartedly support the people affected by this virus, as well as all those who work in the clubs, festivals and places that have had to close."


At the time where light is going white, I have just finished an hour of live meditation with Lili barbery. This former beauty journalist at Vogue and successful author (Pimp my breakfast | La réconcilaition) has become a teacher of kundalini yoga, a discipline of singing and moving meditation. She offers almost every evening to connect all together at 6 p.m. or 8 p.m. on its live IG for an instant suspended! Tonight we were more than 1300 people, social distance does not mean isolation!


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