Cool girls, those who dust off lingerie!

When we talk about sustainable and ecofriendly fashion, we can ask ourselves a lot of questions: sustainable for whom, for what ?

To try answering the question, I put my Wonder McFly shoes on for a back to the future mission to 1987, the World Commission on the environment and the report "Brundtland" commissioned by the UN, which provides this definition:

"Sustainable is development that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own."

Then, I simply asked myself : What are sustainable underwears for me ? With my needs and values? Better and less with a story !

In my quest, there is fabric quality which provides comfort, respect for the know-how to behave | know-how to produce ratio, which guarantees social conditions and the "well-fitting". Then for me, the personal DNA of the brand will making a singular product that will last over time and in my closet! So I'm going to tell you about brands that are involved in manufacturing as a DNA point, materials that respect earth and your naturalness. And also circularity which offers the quality combo | creativity | price!

Lingerie comes from the word linen “All objects of fabric for household use, clothing.” So I went to meet these linen makers who in 2020 dusted lasting lingerie.


"Marion" outfit from Maison Louve

Maison Louve is a French brand founded in 2018 by Lou Salomé Carillo, an autodidact designer passionate about lingerie. And who, after having launched her first brand Lou Crie à Tort, wants to gather a community of Louves(She-worlf), of gentle and strong women who will embody the brand. Maison Louve offers a tailor-made range of swimsuit and lingerie without underwire, with an independant and bohemian spirit. A line to highlight the relationship with oneself around animality, sensuality and relationship to seduction specific to each woman. The lace and manufacturing are 100% made in France. Each piece is made in Toulouse with refinement and a fierce desire to respect the synergy of knowledge around lingerie. In a few clicks the adventure begins with the iconic piece "Frida" or the poetic "Marion" for a "story of women and not only of body measurements"! Sexy Louves here we are!

Attrape coeur - Jardin Fantôme

Jardin Fantôme, which has existed since 2017, has chosen to promote handmade and French craftsmanship around permanent collections of lingerie, ready-to-wear and timeless accessories. In the wave of slow-fashion, this made in France brand , only sold on pre-order, cultivates a palette of soft colors and plants singular cosmic and esoteric embroideries pattern on recycled cottons or delicate tulles. The shapes are subtly impregnated with a vintage touch, are enhanced by modern cutouts which makes it a brand where you will find unique pieces with a hypnotic style. My heart is caught by this duo high panties and bra in tulle embroidered with a bow and its anatomical target.

"Essentiel" brallette & panty Simplement lingerie

Simplement Lingerie, was created in 2019 by Marion Rocher, after going through a personal journey and a skin cancer which forced her to rethink her consumption on a more consciously way. "I looked for more natural lingerie and seeing the very few proposals available on the market, I decided to launch Simplement lingerie !A brand which cares to offer the most virtuous materials possible." Using only GOTS certified organic cotton and OEKOTEX materials and dyes, she developed a first collection of bras and panties. To go further in the process, she tried vegetable dyeing through a collaboration with Aurélia Wolf from Whole, offering for summer 2020 two cotton panties, with avocado dyes (pink) or rhubarb dyes (beige). I discovered an healthy, comfortable and elegant brand, made in France which respects the skin! Spotted for a Valentine's Day collab by Mathilde Lacombe from Aime Skincare, Simplement is a brand to adopt in order to live with naturalness in refined lingerie that brings the feeling of softness so valuable to the skin. Personal touch, Marion hosts her clients in her Paris' showroom and she organizes yoga courses!

The Ultimate HYGGE PACK, Woron

Woron is a Danish brand imagined by two sisters, Arina and Anya Woron, who are looking for the essential wardrobe for everyday lingerie (underwear, socks, bodysuit, camisole). Their story deals with the idea of ​​"allowing women to feel sexy with their natural shapes ... because underwear is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off." This brand calls for comfort, without giving up to feminine forms, to style or to durability. The designers opted for high-end materials such as modal, a cellulose material from beech wood, GOTS cottons and accessories, all labeled OEKOTEX. A measurements chart and a user manual help you, to find the right size, because body evolves according to the cycle and the shapes ... In a perspective of a social and an ecological implication, manufacturing is European and Turkish. Their transparency willing goes far as sharing their manufacturing source on the website. At Woron we find the alliance of Scandinavian design and the sensitivity of a well-made product. Big up for their 100% heat offer "The Ultimate HYGGE PACK"!

Les Inrocks X Cheek magasine's cover, La Chatte de Françoise

La chatte Françoise, is a signature full of promise, chosen as DJ's name by Marine Neuilly. This renowned Parisian musician offered a world of artistic collaboration (Music-Fashion-Edition) then established her brand in 2013. Panties with an humorous and heterogeneous line up inspired by the 60's and the 70's icons. Marine uses dead stocks & support the upcycling of furnishing fabrics. The panties are handmade in Normandy, sizing from 36 to 42 (FR). Very concerned by women's rights and pleasure freedom, this brand offers a global artistic vision around collaborations (Galerie Lafayette , Les Inrocks, Fanzine ...) and the #wetgirls community. Françoise could be "the child born from Andy Warhol's love to Simone de Beauvoir". Finally, as she pretty well says our panties are "Only for cool girls" and "Swear, our panties have never been worn".

ELODIE's body, Le slip français.

Le slip français, is the french pioneer DNB brand #cockarde of the "Made in France"both in term of rehabilitation and manufacturing. For this, it's the most patriotic brand 2.0. Highligting and playing with the fact that its entire production chain, during our online shopping we can follow and select the place of manufacture of each product. Indeed, from the yarn to the packaging, everything is made in France: knitting, dyeing, weaving, manufacturing. The Slip's Français squad, offer accessible products both in terms of style and price, so you can enter the underpants band to select a set of lingerie, a bodysuit, a swimsuit, tights or Jacques the latest one. It is an organic cotton men's boxer short so that it is "the most organic in the district" I set my sights on "Elodie bodysuit" made in Bourg en Bresse with a soft geometric lace from Sophie Halette, the star lace maker of haute couture.</