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Founded in 2019, Maison Héloïse & Abélard is an ethical and a circular brand that offers recycled gold jewelry and hunted recycled diamonds. Those delicate creations, with a hint of old-fashioned charm, are from Héloïse Schapiro, a specialist in luxury jewelry, whose both the first name and brand name are directly inspired by the legendary love story of Heloise & Abelard. Héloïse's passion for romantic jewelry and her instinct for responsible jewelry put a high-end, unique and sustainable piece close to hand.

"I felt in love for rare and romantic pieces, I started by making my own jewelry transforming family rings, inherited from my mother and my grandmother. This way, I designed my own engagement ring and my children's birth jewelry."

Left: Abélard et sa pupille Héloïse, 1882. Edmund Blair Leighton

Right : Héloïse Shapiro by @delphine_lifestyle_photography

Revisiting ancient jewelry

After starting her career in the most prestigious luxury maison, Héloïse founded a Parisian jewelry brand made of her values: the passion for precious and vintage objects that are transmitted. In the History, women had a single diamond that they transformed during life. In dismantling and in reassembling it several times before passing it on to their daughters, the piece stayed alive. Héloïse & Abélard takes up this tradition by creating timeless pieces that celebrate free and modern women, bearing the memory of the stones of the past.

I have a triple passion: stones, bargain hunting and hand-cut diamonds chosen one by one.

Jewelry (re) created to measure & half measure

Héloïse & Abélard offers a collection of rings and wedding rings, as well as earrings and a necklace model. The jewels are available in small series, to order, in half-measure or tailor-made. The brand works in a local fabrication and distribution channel, which allows it to deliver after two weeks. As a gifted person, Héloïse puts her expertise at the disposal of her clients and offers them the possibility of reinterpreting family jewelry giving it a new lease of life.

Left to right : Simone, Gisele & Héloïse rings

Many customers bring me their old jewelry. I disassemble, I search for other stones and offer them something new!

Jewels are personalized over and over again: choice of gold (pink, yellow or white), stones, a possible customized engraving and the color of the velvet jewelry box that will schellter it.

Vintage diamonds & recycled gold: circular jewelry

Héloïse & Abélard jewelries are made of recycled gold and "old cut" recovered diamonds from existing jewelry, sought in France from antique dealers, private individuals or jewelry workshops. To be able to work in all transparency manufacturing is local and artisanal in order to avoid unecessary transportation and the massification of stone's extraction. All the fabrication stages are carried out in a traditional jewelry workshop located in "Le Marais" in Paris. Gold founder, 3D designer jeweler, diamond setter and engraver affixing the 18 carat gold certifying hallmark. Thus, objet is sublimated by its Parisian journey.

Diamonds are eternals and gold is infinitely recycled. In jewelry, nothing is lost, everything is transmitted.


Héloïse welcomes her clients, advises them and involves in creating a benevolent intimacy atmosphere. They are host in her showroom, by appointment or during the brand's ephemeral events. The next event will be held at La Galerie Joyce, in the Jardins du Palais Royal in Paris, from June 18 to July 10. If you are looking for the uniqueness of jewelry at affordable prices and with added human value, this is it.

Héloïse & Abélard signs pieces that bear respect for know-how, for beauty of the heritage as well as for the aesthetic and sentimental rarity of a family jewel. In search of a unique, eternal and singular piece. If you like what you see, just put a H & A's ring on it!

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