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Updated: Mar 28

1st March 2022, I am pleased to announce that after a year and a half being on the waiting list, I am now one of the 200 people trained by Bcorp™ France to become a #bleader!

What is being a B leader?

It means, being acknowledged by Bcorporation™ as a sustainability expert, in my case for fashion, to support companies willing to apply for a #bcorp certification.

It give the opportunity to be a part of the #bleaders' community, in France and abroad. A group who shares experiences, network and best practices. Above all, it allows to embody a vision that serves the mission of development and inspiration of Bcorp™.

The mention of “B Leader” only applies to individuals and not to companies.

Therefore, a Bleader can be a consultant or an employee within a company. Being a Bleader does not imply that the company is Bcorp™ certified. When I'll be ready with Entada Textile to become a certified company, I will cross the path: BIA, IBM, Application, Audit and Certification. ✨ Objective 2024 at the same time as Paris Olympics games ✨

Bcorp™ & Bleaders commitments?

  1. Performance: Environmental and societal impact, reevaluate every 3 years thanks to recertification and the IBM tool from Bcorp™.

  2. Commitment: In order to engage all stakeholders in the certification process, B Corporation™ requests a modification of the company's statutes.

  3. Transparency: Once certified, the impact score & the company's transparency report are public and published. Eg Patagonia BCorp impact score

  4. Confidentiality: There is confidentiality and respect applied for the work of all parties involved. B Leaders undertake to respect the rules, confidentiality & shared data in the context of applying for a Bcorp™ certification. If requested, a non disclosure agreement can be signed between the Bleader and the client. This confidentiality criterion is considered by default for Bcorp until certification.

"B Corp™ label is at
an organization,
what the labels
FairTrade™ or Organic 100™
are to a product."

Why call on a Bleader?

  1. To co-organize a CSR's strategy at all levels of action and with a clear purpose. To co-create a CSR's department or to work in collaboration with existing teams. Moreover to break down the barriers & to gather teams around a project!

  2. To guide & to advise on schedule, because certification's process can take up to a year and a half before obtaining certification. Less for an #impactnativebrand that can access #PendingBcorp™ status.

  3. To become familiar with the certification process & all self-assessment tools such as the BIA (Business Impact Assessment) or the disclosure evaluation. To apply good practices that will make you ready to be audited and to be quiclky certified

  4. To understand the issues and outcomes that will serve the certification process.

  5. To apply the systemic principles of Bcorp, the IBM Impact Business Model that best suits your situation. To rely on the #SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) to define your certification roadmap.

  6. To use the resources developed by Bcorp International to adapt them to the client's situation and context. To improve your file & pre-audit's data before a recertification application. Because Bcorp™ certification is not frozen and is based on a continual improvement desire. FYI, the BIA V7 is under study and will be available in 2024, at the same time as Paris Olympics games ✨

  7. To stay optimistic and honest during the certification process!

ENTADA TEXTILE's #Bleadership expertise ?

  1. 15 years of experience in the fashion industry & across the entire value chain. From design in eco-design mode, to sourcing and LCA. (Life cycle analysis)

  2. A systemic, synthetic & operational vision of all the issues and parameters of the reality of textile production.

  3. A plural & multicultural experience of the textile sector: media, trade fairs, trend office, sourcing office, designers, suppliers and manufacturers.

  4. Eight years of supporting makers, companies of all sizes, textile industry and brands in France and abroad.


Who are Bleader's Entada Textile's skill for ?

  1. For fashion and textile industry. In particular: for fashion brands & for Impact Native media & corprorate organisations in transition, to textile fairs...

  2. For 1st Certification's applicants or for recertification with a desire for continuous progress.

  3. For enthusiastic Bcorps who need to structure their approach.

Let's talk about your future Bcorp™ certification?

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