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Last exhibition of the year I visited, was the very popular Basquiat/Schiele presentation at Louis Vuitton Fondation in Paris, France.

After going through the impressive doors of Frank Gehry's designed building and once clearing the way to the first gallery... we can start enjoying Schiele's hand drawing...

Hand drawings from Egon Schiele exploring fashion and femininity


Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter who belonged to the Expressionism movement. He was protégé of Gustav Klimt with who, for the first, he exhibited his work in 1907. Most of his masterpieces represent a figurative art often denigrated for it's erotic and disturbing rudeness...

What are similarities in between those two painters who lived 80 years apart ?

In addition of their very short lives, E.S died at 28 years old and JM.B at 27 years old, they both shown a certain sens of fashion using in their art garments, as an outfit or street formal way to dress. Moreover, there is something raw and powerful for each of them, Schiele is twisting his characters, showing nude bodies, skin and intimacy. Basquiat is painting scarified and primitives faces and shapes.

In addition, both have developed a very special relationship to lines, shades & colours to underline their work. Basquiat uses background colours as a base to layer his painting when Schiele uses colours to shade the lines of drawing.

Expression of femininity & finesse by Schiele


Jean-Michel Basquiat was a New Yorkese painter using street as a main inspiration, he is definitely the descendant of Big Apple's street art, from Graf (AL Diaz) to Jazz & Hip Hop music (Charlie Parker). Somehow, we can recognise those inspirations in his work. Nicknamed " the angry kid" at the beginning of his career, meeting people such as Andy Warhol or Keith Haring was probably an evolution and maybe helped to canalise in his expression of fury.

Very modern street wear silhouette
Anthony Clarck 1985 by Basquiat

What takes them apart ?

80 years and different lifestyles take them apart. I feel Schiele's worked on raw femininity when Basquiat worked more on expressing a certain masculinity & virility to power his paintings.

Different work technique are visible, as layering and inscriptions are one of Basquiat's signature. Color use is also very unalike point, indeed despite a certain darkness, Schiele worked on how lighting people in his painting. When most of the time, Basquiat used colors on monochrome backgrounds and then was painting on the top of it creating shapes recovering the background.

Flash in Naples abstract III 1983 by Basquiat

So many more to say but the best maybe is visiting it if you can and getting your own opinion...On my side, I bet on raw color inspirations and shapes in fashion trends for soon...

The exhibition has been so in demand that the fondation decided to extend it till 21st of January, so no worries you can still visit it during Haute Couture fashion week and Who's next fair coming soon !

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