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The sexy and trendy mastectomy patch from the resilient pirate !

Do you know some trendy and cool lingerie brands for post surgery ? Any confortable and fun products for post breast cancer ? As a lingerie designer, I have been asked those questions so many times... I didn't really have an answer to give, especially because post breast cancer situations are all different ! Some women want a reconstruction and some others don't...

That the story of Noelia Morales, the designer behind Anna Bonny, who got awarded "Swarovski grand prize" during last Hyeres fashion & accessory festival edition last April. This 46 year old beautiful woman from Barcelona, had breast surgery in 2016 and didn't want reconstruction afterwards. When we met her, she explained why and how everything started !


What is your background before Anna Bonny ?

In 2004 I founded a small agency dedicated to the analysis of consumer trends. I guess this knowledge help me when developing Anna Bonny as it is actually a project with a very contemporary purpose. 

Who is Anna Bonny and how everything started ?

She was an Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean, and one of the most famous female pirates of all time ! After surgery I chose not to reconstruct and so I was left with the dilemma of how to feel good with only one breast. I became a pirate when I slashed a beautiful bra in half and slung the remains across my scar like an eye patch.

One of the mastectomy patch she presented to Hyeres's competition. Made with Swarovski crystals

The spark of sexiness came back from the rebel tradition of eye patches, suddenly being transmitted by a new, strange garment. If I had found such a bra before my surgery, I would have felt better and would have though that this is going to be ok, this would be an adventure to overcome "

How did you manage the R&D and process development for the project ?

I was not a designer so it took me a while to understand the whole process. Fortunately, I count with the help of a few friends with a lot of talent that help me to get there!

What was the main difficulty starting the brand ?

I would say the most difficult thing was to finance it. The strength, the desire and the determination I already had it !

Why did you apply to Hyeres fashion festival ?

It was my possibility to keep on with the project, give it a chance and take another step further.

Where do you see Anna Bonny in 5 years ?

I would like it to be seen as an obvious garment once you are treated with a radical mastectomy. And develop further items using the same language and sense of humour. 


She came up with a patch that covers but also underlines the breast area. Not least, because the scar area is so sensitive, she only uses the best available fabric. Pure British silk, as nothing beats silk’s skin healing properties. Organic cotton, soft Loro Piana Cashmere, straps are by Mokuba (Mokuba is OEKO TEX 100 certified). In her resilience route she also developed a Monokini which is free dowload picture 2 & 3.

I also take the opportunity of this post to highlight two nice artistic performances coming and concerning breast cancer :

The french NGO Pink bra Bazaar dedicated to breast cancer cause, led by Kathryn Kemp Griffin, is organising in Paris a music show called" Concert du sein" to raise fund for the organisation.

And Ericka Hart, the american activist and speaker who had a double mastectomy, is very often participating to fashion shows and shootings to support breast cancer cause, as she did here with the photographer Joey Rosado !

In the move of Body positive, it would be nice to see such a project exhibited at next Interfilliere show in Paris... Eurovet gets Anna Bonny on the show !


Noelia Morales Tedtalk

Geraldine Dormoy l'express style (sorry only in french)

Pink bra bazaar NGO

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