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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

For Love birds, Valentine's day tradition is to celebrate tenderness & love.

For this special day, I selected some trendy lingerie and gifts ideas among the best designers of love !

Gary Chapman wrote the international best seller " the 5 language of love ", where he is explaining that each of us has a way to receive or to show love : gifts, quality time, compliments & affirmations, act of service or physical touch.


Quality time with the beloved one, is one of the the best idea you can gift your Valentine's to !

Here some ideas to melt each other hearts :

1. Hanging out together, seeking for street art like the pieces from le diamantaire artist.

2. Sharing a love cake from Christophe Adam at Eclair de genie, Christophe Michalak or Anthony Bosson from L'essentiel bakery in Paris.

3. "Tête à tête" talks for hours, seating on red velvet Kiss armchairs from Novatelier.

4. Unclipping beautiful bra's such as those from Passionata or Implicite.

5. Sending love letter which a little thing hidden in, like the embroidered brief from Henriette H

6. Meeting the makers and going to Le Bon Marché to customise one Elise Chalmin's T-shirt.

From top left to bottom right : Le diamantaire artist, Elise Chalmin, Eclair de génie christophe Adam, Passionata, Henriette H, Novatelier,L'Essentiel, Implicite, Christophe Michalak.


Some special Pop stores are blooming in Paris during Valentine's time:

1. Ti Ammo, this pop up is showcasing original gifts : fashion, decor, jewellery, flowers, printed poster by l'indeprimeuse

2. Valentine's day corner at Le Bon Marché

From left to right : L'indeprimeuse's poster , Le bon marché , Ti Ammo


Then, take a chance from Aubade to get some advise and to participate to their Valentine's contest <3 and to maybe win the candle of love !

And please love birds don't forget that there is actually 365 opportunities a year to demonstrate love <3

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