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We are the first generation to really understand how humans are causing irrevocable damage to the planet, this can feel like an overwhelming responsibility in business and finding ways to support sustainability could be intricate. Although we cannot accurately predict the future, we can shape it through our values and actions.

Fashion brands investing in sustainability are 20% in 2018 and will rise up to 85% in less than 10 years, according to McKinsey's & Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), International Roundtable on Sustainability in March 2019.

" Every element of fashion comes from nature and fashion is a compelling component of contemporary culture. But how much do we actually know about what we are saying through the clothes that we wear? " Dilys Williams. Sustainable fashion director UAL, London

“None of us have all the answers – but by using creative ways to discuss the issues which really matter to us and future generations  we can find new ways to explore the evidence and stay in relationship to its truth” Helen Storey

We believe in the balance through equity and quality, because we think that quality goes over quantity and that equity goes beyond equality. A method of systemic and culturally engaged approach.

We commit to strike the balance of sustainability and business, of physical and digital and of local and global. 


We also agree to carefully select and to neatly audit projects and suppliers, we are collaborating.


We will exclusively work on ethical and meaningful projects avoiding as much as possible the waste and useless transportation, and promoting equity through work conditions and culture. That's why we passed the certification for fashion and sustainability : understanding luxury fashion in a changing world by London college of fashion & Kering


We call us cultural broker  as sign up to be your intermediary and put our experience to assist our customers and partners in building communities and sustainable network. Thus, we are member of Common objective community. 


"Design is how it works, sourcing is how fabric falls, both are intimately linked to body so to nature"
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