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      What DO We Do 


    Entada textile is a fashion design & consulting service for international and local brands, factories, press & shops. We work from France & SEA and travel all around to get the best fashion glimpse and suppliers.


    We offer  creative  solutions  for  fashion  design  &  production, mostly focused on sustainability and ethical  fashion. Specialised in lingerie & swimwear field, we stand up for trends prediction & research, providing artistic direction in order to create the best concept along with our customers. Then we  can support fabric sourcing, design garments collections and proceed with the follow up with factories. Thanks to our crative analysis, visits to the fairs, store checks & trends research, we can provide inspirations for the seasons to come. With those work media, we start a discussion with the customer and then, we can customise the researches to better support their needs and request.


    Present at the "hot spots", essentially in Paris and South East Asia (Interfilliere Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong). For manufacturing, we cover a zone from Vietnam to Cambodia, Thailand & Laos.   

    We Tavel a lot for work and never miss a chance to visit exhibitions, to do store checks or to interview people from the fashion field. We provide article, fashion analysis and editos.

  • Consulting

     How DO We Work 

    ​Trends : we constantly stay tuned to the fashion industry and always looking for innovation under a sociological, product and marketing point of view. 


    Creativity : we make up stories through trends and concept boards. We design garments collections according to brand's DNA & customer request. And look for finished products upon request.


    Sourcing & technique: we do raw material sourcing & provide technical files to factories and build product development with them. We can also assure fitting and quality control on prototypes. 


    Artistic concept: we offer artistic direction creating atmosphere for fashion show, shooting & events. 

    Reporting: we attending the more relevant fairs, festivals and conferences and thus we can be your eyes on this events. We can provide event's reports, streetstyles pictures, event analysis...

  • Portfolio


    We work on  the trend & product concept to fabric research. After wards we can provide a consulting on product development, sourcing, manufacturing & concept. We start by developing a mood board as inspiration, a fabric board, a design direction and finally an update board once fashion weeks are on. This way we can cover trends to collaborate with design, merchandising and marketing teams if necessary.

    Through our experience, we were able to achieve a various of consulting projects from country report for lingerie manufacturing in Vietnam, brand set up, collective design & creative office & retail set up to R&D and project development for agent and brands form Europe, Australia & US. 

    Entada Textile belongs to E.I.H investment group.  

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  • Expertise

        WHO ARE WE

    A fashion designer and a cultural broker with a 12 years experience in fashion design, especially in Lingerie & knitwear, who is graduated from both ESMOD Paris (lingerie specialisation) and DOMUS ACADEMY Milano. 


    A Trends, design concept, sourcing and production expert who worked with trends office in Paris, knit industry in Italy and has a 7 years experience in Vietnam working with factories, agents, brand and doing consulting. 

    PS: for the curious person who wonder where the name  Entada Textile is coming from. Well, Entada is a tropical plant which gives big pod and seeds in the shape of heart. It mainly grows in Asia and Africa, two continents where the founder lived. And it is nicknamed " the african dream herb"

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