AUTUMN winter 20-21


In term of fabrics the upcycling track will be still explored, as well as connected and innovative fibers or more humbly fabrics made of linen or rye less expenssive and more sustainable than cotton.  

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In the era of the RE, Re-Purpose takes you to a sensorial wellness, where statement & diversity are integrated in design as a mass mattering concept. We re-purpose the message as well as the function of garment with humor and femininity. 


Color range keeps some very sharp primary colors and meets hazy pastels before getting warmer on nudes and a coal brown. 


Some proper lingerie brands are clear on the message such as Baserange or love story intimates using the elastic to spread love messages ! 

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Marketing is surfing on post "Future is female" headline and is putting the message up : "get back your dreams and your identity". 

For the first time in the history Nike designed soccer shirts for Women measurments and body !

Mass market  (Jennyfer) uses adverstising to clean its previous identity and helps its customers to break the previous codes of affiliation.

Even Haute Couture, with Viktor & Rolf, goes over the influencers and advocates for " I'm my own muse" 


For instance during last fashion week in Milan, Nyc, London or Paris, we observe strong messages from the brands. The best example is still Gucci and its #mybodymychoice. Retails are also showing examples as the box water given at Everlane's NYC shop. Women's right fight codes are rerouted to more humorous messages. 

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Statements are turning into a more civicism positioning willing to support the cause that contemporary gouvernements and way of living could threaten. In a contraction of Civicism and the extra positivity that is manifesting in fashion, there is a civic-mindeness momemtum which goes beyond Body positive move. And somehow it brings an ultra positive strenght. 


Art  scene is going to the move of Eillen Fischer who started "Waste no more " in NYC, collecting discared garments to make a great exhibition of art,which turned in NYC and Mian during last Salone del mobile. 

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In the concept of blue & circular economy, waiste are rejuvenated, transformed in innovative new source, recycled, turned into piece of art... and offer a new possibility of design process. We can expect to go deeper in the innovation of  fiber from citrus fruits & particularly orange's peel, coffee or tea, ocean collagen, spider yarn's transformation or recycling yarns and polyester . 


She analysed the modern  daily habits and designed functional pieces. In another way the Korean artist studied the crazyness of sneakers trends in luxury and dedicated an exhibition to debunk the myth ! 

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Alliance of shape and function is necessary to design this season. Thus, first a deconstruction helps to get the frame in order to give a new use of garments and accessories ! New combination of function are possible, especially in accesories, giving a such of job description to the object !

The young generation of designers is really aware of the issue of construction and is willing to built on strong meaning base. That's the case of Sara Levy who got awarded during last Hyeres fashion festival.



Rakai Reynold the american star of ad and production is theone who came with the mass mattering concept 

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Mass- mattering plays the card of diversity, crowdfunding and survey, using thoses tools in order to counter balance mass-market(ing). Involving the final customer beyond the customization and co designing process is the new graal ...  

Diversity & sustainability are becoming a norm, such the emergence of strong voices is  showing: Greta Thunberg being the perfect example of how the masses can be involved in a project they believe in.